Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Allow Your Heart to be Broken - It is an Awakening

Sebastian Gronbach -translated by Gertraud Goodwin

If in these days thoughts and feelings rise up in you, which compress you and tighten your ribcage – then give this constriction within you a wide space.  Invite your fear and open the door to your rage, make yourself wide open for your anguish.  Prepare an oasis in yourself for sadness.  Do not prohibit your heart to be broken.  This would be as if you would prohibit the seed to spout.  Allow your heart to be broken.  It is an awakening.
Relax into your tension.  Unbind yourself deeply into irresolution.  Calm down deeply into your stress.  Recognise, that you cannot appreciate everything in yourself.  Forgive yourself your incapacity to not be able to forgive yourself completely.
Throw a mild light onto your shadow.  Be conscious of your unconsciousness.  Recognise with great clarity the fog in your soul.  Look upon your empty talk with tender silence.
Breathe in what appears.  Breathe out what is passing.  That, which breathes in you, is breathless presence. 
Another word for all this is LOVE.  When you love you are without an opposite. 
These days are days full of oppositions.  When you love you are without opposition. 
The deepest pain you can know is when you decide against LOVE.  Because you are LOVE, you decide yourself each time against yourself.
Be yourself the place of the opening, in which all polarities can live consciously.  This opening is a natural love beyond all myths.  Decide yourself again and again to act out of this conscious realm of polarities. 
It is an action out of natural love.
Permit your heart to break ever more while it opens itself.  Experience how softly and irresistibly you let yourself become open.  Let yourself be surprised at what will appear behind the broken heart. 
Open yourself for the unreachable and enter a space without exit and entry.  It is a space that you never left.
Now a moment appears which has no name.  These words are said for that, which you will be into your next deed.